Mobily Internet Prepaid Setup for Samsung Galaxy S i9000

For a long time, I despised owning any mobile phone that has extra features or services. I only need the basic functions of the mobile phone, that is, SMS and call.

Last Friday, I found myself with a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (Frodo). I spent the whole night tinkering it. SGS is indeed an excellent smartphone. Well, of course, Android helps SGS to have all the excellent things possible.

To exploit the potentials of my SGS, I installed a data SIM after two days of deep thoughts and settled for Mobily 15GB Internet Prepaid good for three months, (5GB per month). I was surprise that there is a promo of this kind because there’s nothing in the Mobily website about it (I’m in Dammam, KSA).

At home, I put the data SIM in my SGS, dialed 1100, followed the voiced instructions and dial my IQAMA number (which I honestly hesitated to do since I have little idea of what I am doing) as instructed by the voice recording, then the voice recording said that my data SIM is now activated. I waited for the SMS message for the internet settings but nothing arrived.

I dialed *1100# for menu driven instructions. Again, after trying many times and spending hours of trying, no SMS internet settings arrived. Frustrated and upset, I put the data SIM in my old Nokia N73 (although a second-hand, it was a gift from my wife).

I dialed again *1100#, then SMS for internet settings arrived. With my eyes rolling, I saved the settings in my N73. I then put back my Mobily Internet Prepaid data SIM in my SGS, configure the settings manually by copying the internet settings that I saved in my N73. Then as they said, the rest is history.

According to 3G Watchdog, I used 2.81MB of my 5GB after checking my email, scan my FB wall, and play one YouTube music video.